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The China Crisis?

We are increasingly being contacted by companies which are seeking to source their packaging from countries other than China. This is for a number of reasons, tensions between China and the West. Recently there are fears that Chinese companies could be using their UK clients as "Trojan Horses" to obtain sensitive data. Increasingly the ongoing problems in the Red Sea that are significantly day delaying shipments and adding significant costs to shipping from the Far East. Typicaly the shipping time form China to the UK has increased by two weeks as a result of ships being sent around the southern tio pd Africa.

We have a network of packaging companies in eastern European countries and in Turkey which all comply with BRC IoP Accreditation, Sedex, FSC and ISO etc, which are quoting the U.K. highly competitive prices, and all are only just a week to 10 days away by truck. This conveniently makes lead time and supply times short, on site print passes easy, and any problems that might occur can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


Earn yourself a £50 M&S Voucher

If you direct any business to Hemsley Solutions you will be rewarded with a £50 Marks and Spencer voucher to spend as you like. All we ask is that you qualify your lead with us at the time. Once you have done this the voucher will yours on completion of the work. This includes all packaging consultancy work, factory auditing and website design. 


If you have a lead for us, email enquiries@hemsleysolutions.co.uk and clearly mark you email "M&S voucher lead" 

Companies going green

A new survey shows that two thirds of UK companies now monitor their environmental performance. The main factor behind this trend seems to be concern provoked by last year's rising energy prices and widespread anticipation of future environmental legislation.

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Companies going green

A new survey shows that two thirds of UK companies now monitor their environmental performance. Read more.

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