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We develop packaging solutions covering the entire spectrum of your packaging needs. Our aim is to evaluate and work as your consultant on your packaging needs and recommend where change can generate saving or improvement. Optimising packaging and seeking consolidation are key to this approach. Often in packaging, less done well provides more than much done badly.


Packaging need evaluation.


We will look at your current requirement and future requirement and put forward suggestions as to how savings or improvements can be achieved. This will include working with your current packaging suppliers to ensure that they are optimising materials and passing on possible savings. If necessary we will suggest if changes in your supplier base would be desirable. If we feel that no changes are necessary we will tell you so and wave our consultation fee. Sometimes the original packaging is the best.



Packging design.


We will whenever possible work with your preferred or current supplier should new packaging design be required. If this is not possible we are able put forward suggested changes along with working plain design samples or artwork models. Once you have made you decisions we will work with you to find the best supplier for you.


Overseas supplier audits.


The cost advantages from buying packaging from an overseas supplier are clear. However these advantages come with the inherent risk that you are never sure who you are dealing with, and what that might mean for your business. All the businesses we recommend have ISO, BRC or have been rigorously assessed by us. However, you might have a supplier who you wish to use who has none of the relevant accreditations, but you need to know that they are safe for you to use. Hemsley Solutions will undertake these audits on your behalf to the standards you require. If you are unsure, we can audit the company to our own standards and issue a confidential report you accordingly.


Company representation.


Occasionally you will have the need to discuss your packaging with a third party. This can often happen when working with multiple retail chains who seek range continuity. This could relate to many products produced by several companies, packed into a range of materials using many print technologies. This is when our expertise can be of enormous use, we would be able to represent your interests ensuring that your company is best served, and the discussions and agreements do not leave you disadvantaged.


Ethical Sourcing, supply and logistics.


With our extensive knowledge of the packing industry, we are able to put forward a variety of possible solutions, and also suggest possible suppliers both UK and overseas. All the companies put forward by us are well known to us and fully approved and accredited.  We are also able to arrange for shipping, importation, warehousing and logistics to ease your stock holding. Whenever possible we will promote sustainable packaging with a closed loop recycling.


All business relationships have to be built upon trust. Hemsley Solutions is completely independent and have no financial links with any individual packaging company, so you can trust that the advice we offer you will also be independent, unbiased and impartial. Our recommendations are based on what's best for your business. As always we are thinking about the future before it happens.


Clear and transparent pricing (Our fees)

In the past some consultants gained a reputation for charging extremely high fees for little return. This was then compounded by a raft of hidden extras. The average price for a consultation from our competitors is £1,000 a day plus VAT, travel, accomodation and out of pocket expences. Add to this analysis and design charges and you could be looking at many several thousands of pounds. 


At Hemsley Solutions we have a different approach. Our first consultation is completly free of charge. So you have nothing to lose if you do not wish to proceed. Should you wish to engage Hemsley Solutions, the standard charges at £350.00+VAT a day standard fixed rate are clearly laid out and simple to follow. Not only that, we will also provide you with a clear outline of what we are proposing including the probable costs at the beginning of the process to ensure that you have no surprises later. We also have a No-Change-No-Fee guarantee. If after our initial investigation we find that no change is required we will wave our fees.


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