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Hemsley Solutions has been created to fill a need within the packaging market. There was a time when most medium sizes companies could afford a specialist packaging buyer. As time progressed and belts were tightened this area was increasingly given to the general purchasing manager.


Representatives of packaging supply companies increasingly found that the customer would rely upon them to advise on all matters packaging. This gave the power, and the real decision making to the seller and not the buyer. This can lead to packaging companies advising prospective customers to make buying decisions based on information that is more beneficial to the supplier than to their own company.


Smaller companies have always been in a situation where "Fred from Blogs Boxes"  told them what they needed in 1989, and they had been buying the same product since with the only measure of its merit being the unit cost.


In the last 15 to 20 years packaging has changed completely, new materials such as corn starch based film replacing plastics, and cardboard made from bamboo pulp not trees New legislative requirements and a host of new global supply options. This is where Hemsley Solutions will help your business. We have the expertise to carry out a forensic examination of your packing requirements and make recommendations in areas where changes or a simple re-think would bring positive benefits.


We will work as your own in-house packaging expert. We are able to work with you and your customers to ensure that you are both getting what is best for your mutual need. Packaging can only be judged on its suitability, as unsuitable packaging is extremely expensive.


Packaging has changed as fast as electronics have. Did you know that many manufacturing/packer SME’s are unaware of the significant changes that have meant that much of their current packing is now complex and over engineered (read expensive) by today’s standards. Tell me, are you using the same sort of TV/phone/camera/computer as you were 15 years ago?


"Do not look back at past triumphs; look forward to those you have yet to enjoy"


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